Cleartech - your solutions provider!

Cleartech - your solutions provider!

Who is Cleartech Solutions?

Cleartech Solutions is a technology consulting company providing leading edge Information Technology (IT) and Audio/Video (AV) solutions to Bay Area businesses and homes. We design and install computer, network and audio/video systems.

At Cleartech we bring together the latest in IT and AV technology to bring you solutions which are designed for your unique needs, solutions which are reliable, powerful, yet intuitive. With over 20 years of experience, our team is uniquely positioned to leverage the convergence of these fields to bring you an advanced, yet easy to use, system for your business or home.

Whether your needs are for business computing, networked media or home entertainment, Cleartech Solutions has the experience and personalized customer service to implement solutions which will surpass your expectations!

Why select Cleartech Solutions for your technology needs?