What is “Managed Services” IT?

The Managed Services model of technology support allows your business to delegate information technology (IT) operations to a trusted service provider – the Managed Services Provider (MSP), freeing you and your staff to focus on your core business.

Your MSP will assume responsibility for management of your IT systems, including monitoring for and remediation of any issues. The MSP is able to proactively identify and resolve any IT-related issues, so your company will experience a more reliable and productive experience with your technology systems.

A managed service program often results in businesses paying less, yet receiving a higher quality of service.

This new standard of proactive IT management is a dramatic departure from the traditionally reactive method of “break/fix” troubleshooting, in which problems must be addressed after they have occurred; this often results in staff downtime.

In the managed service model, your businesses technology systems are actively monitored so that potential issues can be identified before they become problems; in other words, the MSP is able to “head off problems at the pass.” Consequently, this support program often results in businesses paying less for a higher quality of service, not least because there is a significant reduction in downtime.

Another key value delivered by the Managed Services support model is the ability to provide your business with predictable services at a predictable cost. This allows for better budget forecasting and planning for future needs, so your IT infrastructure can evolve along with your business.

As your MSP through our ClearSupport™ program, Cleartech Solutions will monitor and manage system alerts, security & patch management, and data backup/recovery of your IT resources, including desktops, notebooks, servers, storage systems, cloud services, networks and applications.

With Cleartech Solutions overseeing the day-to-day management of your IT infrastructure you will enjoy a hassle-free and more reliable computer & network environment, allowing you and your staff to concentrate on running and growing your business with fewer interruptions.

ClearSupport Managed Service


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